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Camps, Clinics and Classes
Coach’s Clinics. 
As an additional fund raiser we offer the experience to help you plan a local coach’s clinic. Like the competitions you host the event and profit from the event however we provide the speakers and the material for it. A few example topics to pick are;

             How to build a successful cheerleading program and not just a team.
             Team esteem, how to get your teams confidence up.
              I need tumblers! How to get your team tumbling!
            Competition 101, the ins and outs and dos and don’ts of competitions. 
            How to spice up, flip up and excite your cheerleaders at practice. 
            Choreography 101, why are these other teams beating us??
            Motivating the motivators, How to get some spunk in your teams.
            How to Cheer-Lead as in how to lead a cheer/crowd.

Cheer camps and Clinics
A great fund raiser for you is to host a cheerleading clinic. Once example would be for a high school team to host a clinic for their youth feeder programs. Or an all star team to provide a clinic for the local non all star or younger cheerleaders. We can help you set all this up. We can bring in equipment you may need like a sound system, mats, etc. We can also run the event for you. Our staff over sees the event, event teaches many of the class with the help of your cheerleaders. This way you are getting a professional event yet your teams is a part of it. Why pay a major cheerleading organization to come I with their whole staff and they make all the money when you have great cheerleaders yourself? 

Skill Development Help
Weather you want to take the thigh stands and turn them into extensions or extensions into 360 up stretches we can teach it. Jumps, motions, stunts, tumbling need some work? Give me a few hours with your team and lets see what we can do! We have 25 years of experience coaching youth, rec, high school collage and all 6 levels of All star. 

Not only are we a productions company but we are cheerleaders ourselves. We teach cheerleading camps, clinics, classes and choreography all over the United States and Canada. Teaching cheerleading is what we love to do and it will show. We have no set packages in this area because every team we work with is different and has different needs. Contact us and lets talk. I am sure we can create a package that will fit your needs and you budget. 
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly customer service staff will help find the best solutions for you.